John Roast Power Fox is a band consisting of Luuk Janssen (guitar), Jochem Braat (piano/keys), Reindert Kragt (bass) and Mats Voshol (drums). In addition to being good friends, they continually serve as a source of inspiration for one another. 

In the last decade each one of them took a prominent place in the Dutch and International (jazz) music scene. Now, years since they met at the conservatory, they created ‘John Roast Power Fox’, a place to experiment, to store years of demos and writings and to shamelessly bundle their musical (guilty) pleasures. ‘John Roast Power Fox’ searches for itself: How much can be traced back to earlier examples such as John Scofield, Herbie Hancock, Jesse van Ruller, Tom Misch and Medeski, Martin & Wood? What remains of the dozens of jams, forgotten audio memos and philosophical pub conversations? Do they dare to play vulnerable and beautiful instead of tough and fast?

The first single 'Patrick's Bachelor Pad' was released on December 29, 2023. Named after the old band name and a protest against the housing crisis, this cinematic track is a good indication of the direction the band wants to take: narrative, tasteful, recognisable and pleasant to listen to without losing sight of the need for interaction and adventure. The album 'JRPF01' with eight tracks followed on February 2, 2024.

Luuk Janssen: Guitar
Jochem Braat: Keys
Reindert Kragt: Bass guitar
Mats Voshol: Drums